Friday, September 20, 2002

Big Fat Friday

So there I am in downtown Edmonds buying some presents when I get dragged against my will into the theatre to see the 5 pm showing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I'm no big fan of romantic comedies to be sure, but thankfully there was enough humor to keep me engaged for its short running time. You can find a review of this movie here.

Speaking of movies, I can heartily recommend One Hour Photo. An incredibly creepy performance from Robin Williams sure to stay with you for quite some time. Although looking back, I'm not quite sure which was scarier - his character or the musical score. I read about an earlier print of the film that was making the rounds before its major release which did not have the score and would like to see that version to see if the emotions that I felt were actually caused by the film's story or whether they were manipulated by the score.

Fall is definitely in the air. The change of the seasons never fails to amaze me. One day summer is in the air and the next, it's af if a switch were turned on and things are just...different. The temperature is the same and everything more or less looks the same but at the same time, you can just tell it's not summer any longer.


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