Monday, April 21, 2003

Monday Madness

Passengers often ask me a lot of questions. Usually they are quite routine like "Does this bus go to _____?" Sometimes, the questions are a bit repetitive such as being asked 100 straight times, "Do you go down 3rd Ave?" (Yes and so does every other bus as well). Then there are those questions that just make me scratch my head in amazement. In the afternoons I drive a bus from downtown to a neighborhood called Wedgwood which is plainly spelled out on the front and side of the bus. So it made me wonder why no less than 3 people today asked me, "Do you go to Wedgwood?" So maybe people can no longer read or maybe they are so skeptical that they just can't believe what they see. I wonder if this happens in other countries? Are mass transit passengers the same in other parts of the world? Do people just naturally in the course of giving up driving their own vehicle also surrender their critical thinking skills as well? I mean I expect people not to think. This is Amerika after all. But I'm curious if this phenomena exists in other places like Europe, for example.


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