Tuesday, April 08, 2003

When there's nothing to say, say nothing

I suppose I should be saying something, but I just don't have anything to say at the moment. Oh I suppose I could ramble on about the boring details of my life. I could talk about my day in court today and vainly fighting a traffic ticket but who really cares about things like that? I took a walk down at the Edmonds Waterfront this afternoon, saw some sea lions watched the ferries crossing the sound. But is anyone really interested in hearing that? I suppose I could do what others do and take some online quizzes so people can see what special color I am or what $special_fave_tv_show_character I am. I could do one of those series of daily 5 questions like the Monday Mission or the Friday Five or any number of things just to put something in the blog.

But I just can't do that shit anymore.

Not after seeing pictures like this. Don't click on that link unless you're prepared to see the horror that is isn't being shown on CNN or Fox News or any other corporate media outlet. It's hard for me to talk about anything when I hear about people like 12 year old Ali Ismaeel Abbas. I feel sick. My head hurts.

Down in Edmonds, American flags fluttered in the breeze every 15 feet or so and I felt severe nausea. Down at the ferry docks, there used to be a dedicated group of protesters. They're gone now. A few diehards I've heard still hang out in downtown Seattle but most dissent has dissipated and that is sad. Does anyone mourn for Ali's family? Did anyone shed a tear for the women and children killed in Baghdad's Mansour district where "our troops" dropped 4 2000 lb bombs in a desperate attempt to "get saddam." Am I alone in feeling disgust when I heard the pilot of the B1 bomber say it was his "proudest moment in the Air Force?"

And yet, my trivial life will continue. I'll drive my route tomorrow morning carrying the usual assortment of people to work. I'll half listen to the chatter of folks talking about the bitchy boss or the scheming coworkers they deal with.

And halfway around the world in a country few Americans can find on a map, the killing will continue.


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