Monday, March 31, 2003

Killing women and children for freedom

According to this report, "our troops" (the ones we Amerikans are required to 'support') opened fire on a vehicle carrying 13 women and children trying to get out of Baghdad. Their horrible crime? They failed to stop at a US military checkpoint.

To quote from the article: "As a last resort, they (US troops) fired into the passenger compartment of the vehicle" Yep, let's not try to do something less lethal like say shoot out the tires or something first, right? And let's not even shoot the driver who was the one who ran the checkpoint. No, let's shoot into the PASSENGER compartment and kill THEM instead! Brilliant.

So far, the US corporate media is taking a low key approach to this story, not surprisingly.

Of course, it's not enough for "our troops" to be killing the people they are supposedly "liberating" but they are now going after their allies as well This story isn't even being reported in the US corporate media.


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