Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Greetings from Vancouver, BC

So I lied. I found an internet cafe at 11:30 pm and decided I needed to blog. Prolly not a good idea to do after 4 glasses of absinth. But what the hell. I got tired of looking at all the American flags and decided (since I only live 132 miles away) to come to a sensible civilised country. Now if only I could claim political asylum status then I could just stay up here for good. A nice idea in these weird times. And they have Stella Artois another thing unavailable in the USA. But most of all, I'm in a country where everyone is against this stupid horrible war the USA has embarked on. The newspapers here actually dare to talk about the civilian costs of this illegal immoral conflict.

Wish I could just stay up here for awile but alas I'll be returning in a day or so.



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