Saturday, September 21, 2002

Macs are great, but PCs are easier to fix

So I've had my iMac for a couple of years now and decided to upgrade to 10.2 codenamed 'Jaguar' and was amazed at how effortless the upgrade was and how everything just worked. So right when I was about to become a new Mac convert, an old problem resurfaced - namely from out of nowhere the video display has just failed for no apparent reason. I had this problem originally when I first bought the thing and exchanged for two other macs and finally everything worked...until now.

Sooo...what was supposed to be a relaxing Saturday is going to turn into a web research day into Mac troubles although I'm pretty sure it's hardware related, a failure of the video card or whatever is inside these things. If I recall, the part in question is about 200 bucks or so. *sigh* Back to the PC for me I think.


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