Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Ridiculous and Stupid

That's what I call it when they call out the fucking National Guard because someone found some 'white powder' at a Tacoma mail facility. This shit just keeps going on and no one is questioning it.

Then there's this article in the New York Times about how the Bush regime plans on exploiting fear and their grand "victory" in the '04 election. Nary a sound coming from the so-called "opposition." When oh when will someone find a pair of testicles and stand up to this madness and call it for the bullshit that it is? I mean doesn't ANYONE remember that the whole reason for the invasion of Iraq was the supposed "threat" that came from Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction?" So now the question remains, where are all these weapons? And why isn't anyone speaking out about this in the media or the "opposition" party? Thousands of innocent lives lost because of a lie. Where's the outrage?

Doesn't this make anyone else angry?


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