Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Geez, flush it already!

So yesterday, we learned that the Microsoft "internet potty" was supposedly a hoax. Today however, in what was the lead story (you heard right, an entire world and this is the lead story.) the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that the "internet potty" was, in fact, an actual product idea but cancelled.

Now this so-called 'story' is a perfect example of how corporate media in the US operates. They start with an obscure 'filler piece', then offer follow-ups, then run it as a major story. Meanwhile, real news gets ignored. Just compare the websites of the Seattle PI and the British Independent Note the difference. It's sad and frustrating that in the country that once championed a free press as the cornerstone of its constitution, I have to go to international sources to find real news.


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