Tuesday, September 24, 2002

And we never really liked you anyway!

There's nothing quite like a rejection letter. Whether the rejection is from that dream job that you went through 5 interviews to get a shot at or the proverbial "Dear John" letter, they all sting the same. The company I'm presently contracting a year of my life out to had notified me that I was a candidate for a back up position for what was called an "Escalation Specialist". Basically this didn't really amount to much as it wasn't a permanent employee position but merely a backup "just in case" they needed more people. But the potential for permanency was there. I interviewed, received positive feedback and did well on the writing test. So today I got a nice curt email

"William, thank you for your interest in serving as an Escalation Specialist on the Complaint Management team.  At this time, we will not require your service as we have met our back-up requirement through other agents."

Gee thanks guys! Well I shouldn't be too bothered by it. After all, my contract here ends in November.

But on the plus note - the Buffy season premier is tonight. As long as my vcr timer works, I'll be happy. But seeing as this IS a mercury retrograde period, anything can happen.
*crosses fingers*


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