Monday, February 10, 2003

Another Monday, Another Mission

That can only mean one thing, yes it is time for the Monday Mission 3.06

1. Have you ever had to serve on a jury?

No, and quite frankly, I'm jealous. How the hell do you get called to do Jury Duty? I mean I pick up jury folks all the time on my bus route and none of them have any idea either.

2. If you were to ever serve on a jury, would you be able to give someone the death penalty?

I'd probably never make it onto a jury where the death penalty would be decided as I would state in the interview process my anti capital punishment position.

3. Has fear of negative consequences ever kept you from reporting a crime or voicing your opinion?

I've never witnessed a crime to be reported, but very few things keep me from voicing my opinion and those who know me can attest to that. Subtle I am not.

4. Have you ever been accused of or convicted for breaking any laws? What's the real story there?

Well I've been the subject of *rumors* before but never out and out accused or convicted. I am an upstanding moral member of the community and people love me! *smile*

5. How would you pass the time if you had to sit and wait around from 8am-5pm for 5 days

Game Boy Advance.

6. What part of your town is your favorite to visit? Why? What makes it so special?

I love downtown Seattle. Particularly Belltown as there are tons of great restaurants and that's where the two premier clubs are located: namely the Crocodile Cafe and the Sit N' Spin Cafe and Laundromat. Great music scene here!

7. Do you have any problems striking up a conversation with someone you don't know? Have chance encounters with strangers ever led to interesting new relationships or opportunities?

Well that's what the internet is all about, non? Meeting strangers, entering into new relationships and opportunities. It's what makes the internet so appealing and addictive - the chance to connect with people you'd never meet in regular day to day life. I don't have problems striking up conversations with strangers. Usually it's the other way around. People are sometimes taken aback by my non-inhibitions quite often I think.

BONUS: So if I tell you that you're really something baby, will you stay or will you go away ?

Or will I lay my good loving on ya
What will it cost me baby ,what will you make me pay
Do you wanna funk...
Won't you tell me now
If you wanna funk
Let me show you how


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