Tuesday, January 07, 2003

It hasn't been THAT long, has it?

You gotta be shitting me!! Are you telling me it's been over 2 friggin' months since I wrote anything? DAMN!!
Oh well, it's not like anyone cares or is actually READING this thing or anything, right? So here we are, it's 2003 and life is just wonderful. That is, if you happen to be earning over 6 figures a year. Everyone else gets to eat shit Top of the list of shit eaters this week would be the poor overworked security guard at Sea Tac who after a long lonely overnight shift had a little bit of a nap causing mass panic and confusion. So did this guy get a reprimand or a warning or anything like that. Nope, in the compassionate spirit of the 21st century, this poor chap was FIRED!! Well what's really sad is that most people I know were quite happy that this fellow got shitcanned.

My First Google Referrals...scary

Yay, at least a couple people actually found me through Google. So in honor of that, I now present the last 5 search terms that led people here.

Sneezing Constantly
Northwest Survival Items From Nature
Vacation American Accent
Halloween Costume Ideas Pothead
raves 2002- bay area- popsicle

In a way, I'm kinda disappointed. Those searches are kinda innocuous. But at least it's inspiring to know at least 11 individuals out of a worldwide population of 6 BILLION somehow someway found their way here. Perhaps inspiring enough to actually continue writing here without waiting 2 months at a time. :-)


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