Thursday, October 17, 2002

Is it Thursday already?

It's a strange thing. The days seem to drag by like dead animals yet at the end of the week, I wonder where the time went. Take today for example. I've only been here in the call center for 4 hours but it seems like 4 weeks. But then I'll wonder where the day went by 11 tonight when I get home.

Thursday Philosophy

Is it better to live a comfortable lie or suffer with the cold brutal truth of reality. I'm talking of course about religious life vs non religious. And religion could be anything at all - not just Christian or Pagan or whatever. I long ago challenged the notion of any sort of "higher power" and accepted existence as it is. Sometimes though I wonder if I really appreciated or understood what it was I challenged. Certainly on the surface it seems the people living a spiritual or religious life sem to be more carefree or worry free. Knowing the truth now, I cannot go back to what I know to be lie. I guess once the illusion is destroyed, you can't go back. This idea is one of the cool things I enjoyed about The Matrix but still the question remains. Would my current reality be different had I simply not questioned the things I did when I was young?

Perhaps then, the solution is to create one's own system to, in the words or J R "Bob" Dobbs, "pull the wool over your own eyes" rather than be caught up in someone else's system. Is the trick then to create a system that is a lie and yet not know it is a lie and therby deceive oneself?

Or not.


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