Monday, October 14, 2002

This is what happens when you don't update

Your blog grows cobwebs and things start to rust and then the whole site looks boring and uninteresting - even more so than it was before. This was supposed to be my coworker Jon's last day here at the salt mines known as a call center. I found out upon arriving that they decided to let him go a day early. They said he was "playing phone games" whatever that means. It would have been nice to say so long or something but that's the way it goes. People disappear all the time and you never see them again. One thing I am certain of when my contract mercifully ends in a month or so. (maybe sooner. They like to end people a bit earlier than expected. I suppose it prevents any would be mischief makers from doing anything dastardly on the computer systems). I've made a solemn blood oath that I will never ever work in a call center environment again. EVER. I'll sooner drink from the dick of a goat than return to this type of environment! (come on Bill! Tell us how you REALLY feel!) I think I'm just too old for this type of situation. It sucks that I happen to be skilled at a job that I happen to loathe. But that's also the way it goes sometimes.


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