Friday, February 14, 2003

Master Of My Domain

So because I could and because it seemed like the Right Thing To Do, I decided to register my own domain name and get it hosted. I did this because I want to make my blog better and I want to do more. Of course, you must understand that I know two things currently about web development: 1)Jack 2) Shit. I know a little basic html and that's about it. Since discovering the world of blogs a few months ago, I've been fascinated by the whole phenomenon and indeed, I see people who I knew 3 years ago who knew as much as I did suddenly churning out the most professional looking pages I've seen. I hate being left out of things.

So I'm going to learn and I'll Get It Done. If other ordinary people can do it, I certainly can as well.

Oh yeah, the domain is although there is nothing there at the moment.


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